Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good Hair Day

Ella's hair is very blond and straight at the top but can get curly down by her neck. She had a bad haircut when she was an infant -- the bangs were too short (thanks Daddy). So, we haven't cut it since then -- she's only had one trim in her entire life! Right now, the back is starting to look almost mullet-like, so it may be time for another one if we can get up the courage to risk it.

Her hair has a tendency to get crazy -- especially in the morning or after a nap. The back will get tangled and stick up. I try to tame it with water, hair clips (that almost never stay in), ponytails (that don't last long), etc. I haven't figured out what makes a good hair day for Ella, but she has them once in awhile. Here is a picture from a good hair day earlier this month. It just looked so feminine and pretty to me. Unfortunately, I couldn't get her to smile properly. But, I think she looks cute anyway.

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