Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chris-a-mis & Oh-na-ments

Last year we decided to get our Christmas tree during the first weekend in December and we really enjoyed having it up for the entire month. So, we did that again this year. We met our friend Chris Mullin and his family at the tree farm to get our tree. Later when we brought the tree home, we told Ella that it was a Christmas tree and had her try to say "Christmas". She said "Chris-a-mis" and later on pointed at the tree and said, "Chris a made dat! Mr. Mullin!" Maybe it wasn't the best idea to go with Chris to get our tree!

Later that night we decorated the tree and Ella had lots of fun digging in the boxes. Many of our ornaments are not child-friendly. We have some older glass ball ornaments that break easily. Despite us telling her not to touch them, Ella picked one of those up and threw it into the box. I think she was surprised that it shattered, and it made an impression on her. Over the past couple of weeks, she has said, "I broke an oh-na-ment!" at random times of the day. Daddy has even taught her to say, "Accident" when he asks her why she broke it. It's pretty funny. For those of you that we will be seeing over Christmas, she will most likely say it for you too.

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