Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Daddy too wowed"

Almost every day we are surprised by something that Ella says or does. Last night, we put her to bed and then went to the living room. Ella was nice and quiet for about ten minutes or so...and then Brett started playing some music on the computer. A few minutes later, I could hear Ella fussing from her room, so I went to check on her. When I came in she said, "Daddy too wowed" (translation: Daddy too loud). I had to laugh -- she's never said anything like that before. I told her that I would tell Daddy to turn down the music, and when I did, he didn't believe that she actually said that. So, he went to check for himself. When she saw him come in the room, she again said "Daddy too wowed". Still thinking she didn't know what she was talking about, he asked what was too loud and she responded "Music". Brett had a good laugh about that too, and we both gave her lots of kisses before letting her drift off to sleep without the music.

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