Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Today we woke up early and headed down to Santa Barbara for our church's Easter Service that was held outdoors at UCSB. I put Ella in a cute dress that she got from her Auntie Ray. Unfortunately, it didn't stay clean long enough. Let's just say that she had a bit of a diaper problem after her breakfast and she AND Daddy had to change their clothes. Fortunately, Nanna bought her a cute dress at Old Navy this week so we were able to make a quick change before we left. Above is a picture of her 2nd Easter dress of the day. Unfortunately, our church didn't provide childcare for kids Ella's age so Brett & I didn't get to sit through the service together...we took turns with "Ella Duty". But, it was a lovely day to be outdoors and Ella enjoyed roaming the grounds and seeing all the people.

After the service, we were able to visit our friends Neil & Andrea at the hospital and meet their newborn son Jesse. Ella was just enthralled with the baby. She has never seen one so up close before. She wanted to touch him but we kept her a safe distance away. We didn't want her to treat him like one of her dolls and hit him in the face!

Although Ella LOVES sugar, I decided that she didn't need to be introduced to the tradition of Easter candy just yet. Instead, she got a HUGE teddy bear. It's sort of a wanna-be Care Bear. She thinks its pretty cool and sits on it from time to time. I've posted a photo below.

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