Monday, March 18, 2013

Resources for a Gluten-Free Life

I had been married just a couple of years when my husband's aunt was diagnosed with celiac disease. Celiac disease? Gluten? I'd never heard of either one. I remember trying to get a basic understanding of her dietary restrictions so that she could enjoy Thanksgiving with us that year. I even tried making a flourless chocolate cake so that she'd be able to enjoy something for dessert. Back then, there really weren't that many resources for a gluten-free diet. But, times have changed!

In the years since Aunt Bev's diagnosis, I've learned a lot more about celiac disease and gluten. Although my family and I don't have any food allergies that require a special diet, I've met so many people who DO have dietary restrictions. I'm so thankful that I've actually learned of several gluten-free resources in the last year or two. I love being able to pass the info onto those who have to make those lifestyle changes.

Today I thought I'd share some great gluten and allergen-free resources. Even if you don't need them, chances are you WILL meet someone who does.
  • Five Easy Ways to Serve Guests on a Special Diet: Amy shares some simple ways that you can make your guests feel welcome by serving something they can actually eat.
  • Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free: This is a great website with lots of refined sugar and gluten-free recipes. Amy also has a cookbook by the same name that you might want to check out too.
  • The Balanced Platter: This blog is written by several contributors. At least two new recipes are posted each week. PLUS, each of the contributors has her own blog so you can find more recipes that way too.
  • Diet, Dessert, and Dogs: This a primarily vegan and gluten-free blog. Ricki has lots of great information and recipes.
  • Gluten & Allergen Free Expo: The Expo travels around the United States and offers classes as well as a Vendor Fair where you can try the latest products from the gluten and allergen free world. Even if an Expo won't be held near you, the website itself is a great resource of gluten-free companies. If you click on the Vendor Fair of an upcoming expo, you can see and click through to the websites of the sponsors and vendors. It is pretty amazing how many products are out there.
  • Gluten- and Grain-Free Bundle of the Week: From today through next Monday, March 25th at 8am EST, you can purchase a bundle of 5 grain- and gluten-free ebooks for just $7.40. It's a great deal. Go here for more info on this bundle or sign up for the Bundle of the Week newsletter
Do you have a favorite gluten-free resource or product?

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