Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Felt Decorations for Your Holiday Beverages!

It's time for holiday parties and family get-togethers! Wednesday night, I got together with my friend Caroline to do a little crafting with felt. She's having a many, many houseguests this month as well as a Christmas celebration at her home. So, she wanted to make some simple decorations for beverages during the holidays. We had a great time, and my girls even joined in. Here's what we made:

So, what exactly are these?

Beverage Identifiers Made from Felt!!!!
These little babies can help folks identify their beverage (or empty glass) from everyone else's. This is great during a party OR even if you just have a home full of houseguests and don't want to wash every single glass each time it is used.

Originally, I designed these fun felt cup identifiers to go on regular beverage glasses. But, when I was playing around with them, I realized that they would work well on mugs...

 AND wine glasses as well!

Rather than stretching the elastic band around the cup itself, just loop the identifier around the handle of the mug or the stem of a wineglass. However, if you want your identifiers to fit on any style of glass, make sure that your decoration can be turned in any direction and still look right. Otherwise, you might have a sideways reindeer!

If you plan on using the identifiers primarily for wine AND you have a decoration that needs to be in a particular direction, then position your elastic band so that it is vertical rather than horizontal. For instructions on how to create these, stop by DIY Your Way and check out my felt cup identifier tutorial!

But that's not all that I made...check this out:

After Caroline left, I couldn't stop crafting. I decided to make a little decor for wine or other bottled drinks. With a strip of felt, you can make a fast, frugal, and fun little "scarf" for the bottled beverage of your choice.

How to Make a Wine Bottle Scarf:

  • felt
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • other embellishments (optional)

Cut a strip of felt to your desired length. Since I wanted to tie my scarf "european style," I needed a longer length. So, I used a 20-inch by 1-inch strip of felt. (Felt can be purchased off the bolt at a fabric store if you want a longer length. Otherwise, you can purchase a 9" x 12" sheets at the craft store for about $0.30 per sheet.)

Embellish the scarf however you wish. I glued smaller strips to the ends to create "fringe" for my scarf. You could also glue on sequins or rhinestones for a bit of bling.

When the scarf is done, tie it around the neck of your bottle. If you want to tie it European-style, fold the scarf in half with the ends together. Wrap the folded scarf around the neck of the bottle and pull the ends through the loop. Ta da!

For other holiday craft ideas, be sure to stop by the Holiday Home Linky Party featuring Crafts at Centsational Girl on Thursday!


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