Monday, November 26, 2012

Make-It Monday: Child's Reversible Apron

Since 2010, I've featured "Make It Monday" on my blog during the holiday season. On the Mondays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I share different ideas and instructions on how to make homemade (or partially homemade) gifts. My life is crazy right now, but I'm going to do my best to keep up the tradition. Stop by each week for a new homemade gift idea!

Today, I'm going to show you how to make an easy reversible apron for a child. I've got quite a dedicated little sous-chef here at my house. She loves using this little apron...and she looks pretty darn cute in it too. This is an inexpensive gift and a great way to use up small amounts of fabric that you might have around the house.

How to Make a Child's Reversible Apron

  • measuring tape
  • tissue paper to make pattern
  • pencil
  • two different fabrics (I used one print, one solid)
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • masking tape
  • safety pin
  • ribbon or double-wide bias tape (stitched closed)


Make the Pattern:
To make your pattern, you'll need the child's measurements -- the width across the front of the chest, the length of the top of the apron to the armpit, and the length you want the apron to be, and the width of the apron (usually the width of the front of the child plus a couple of inches).

Cut a rectangle out a piece of tissue paper that is as long as you want the apron to be and as wide as you want the apron to be. My rectangle started out as 18 x 15. Fold in half lengthwise so you get a skinny rectangle (18 x 7.5). Take half of measurement for the top of the apron and mark that along the top of the tissue paper from the fold. On the open side of the tissue paper, mark the measurement for the distance from the top of the apron to the armpit. Draw a line from the mark at the top of the apron to the armpit mark. Cut along the line. Unfold and you should have a shape that looks like this:

Make the Apron:

Trace your pattern onto two different fabrics and cut them out. I chose one printed fabric and one solid covered fabric.

Place the cut-out pieces with the right sides together, and pin along the edges. Mark the places where you'll want to leave an opening for the apron tie -- near the edges of the top of the apron and at the bottom of the arpmit side edge. I used masking tape to mark these places so I wouldn't sew over them.

Leaving an opening at the bottom and where your tape is marked, sew along all of the edges, skipping over the areas where the tape is. It should look something like this:

Remove tape and turn right side out. Iron flat. Place the tape on the same openings along the top and sides of apron. Topstitch along the edges of the apron, closing the bottom of the apron and leaving the tape-marked spots open.

Stitch a seam parallel to the armpit side edges of the apron to create a casing for the apron strings, like this:

Remove tape. Pin a safety pin to one end of whatever you're using for your apron strings -- ribbon will work. (I used double-wide bias tape that I stitched closed.) Use the safety pin to help you thread the apron string through the bottom side opening, through the casing, and out the top. Then, loop the string down through the casing on the other side. The apron string can be adjusted to fit over the child's head. You can add a knot in the string at the bottom of the casing to help prevent the string from pulling all the way into the casing.

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