Saturday, September 15, 2012

Save Money by Waiting for Sales

When my husband and I got married, we were on an extremely tight budget. He was in grad school, and I was making peanuts at a non-profit. Early on, we made a decision to try to buy things only if they were on sale. Well, fast-forward nearly 12 years and 2 kids, we're pretty much in the same spot. He's in law school, and I'm working part-time from home. Our budget is as tight as it ever was, so we still pretty much adhere to the "buy only if it's on sale" rule. This really really applies if it is a "splurge" or big ticket item of some kind.

That's why I was so excited to see this sale!

Now until September 21st, Shoot Fly Shoot's online courses are 30% off! I've been following Layla & Kevin's blog The Lettered Cottage for a couple of years now, and I have wanted to purchase an online Photography 101 class from Shoot Fly Shoot ever since it was launched. With law school to pay for, a $69 online course falls into the "splurge" category. But right now the course is only $48.30, and I am soooo tempted to take advantage of this deal!

I've had a fancy DSLR camera for a few years now, and I still don't really know how to use any of the features. After I bought the camera, I discovered that I have a hard time learning to use something from a manual or book. So, I just muddle through with the automatic features. I think that an online class may just be what I need to learn to use my camera finally! I would love to have higher quality pics here on Life with L & E as well as on my craft tutorials at DIY Your Way.

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