Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Make A Felt Purse for Fall!

A couple of weeks ago, I got curious about what THE popular fashion colors are going to be for Fall 2012. Well,a quick google search brought me to this Woman's Fashion Color Report where I found the answer. Don't be surprised if you see bold colors in the stores, like vibrant pink, tangerine orange, honey gold, chartreuse, ultramarine green, and olympian blue. A few days later while I was browsing the craft store, I came across the section of pre-cut felt. Guess what colors dominated? You guessed it!

So, I couldn't resist grabbing a few pieces for a mere $0.34 each, and took them home to make them into felt purses. Today at DIY Your Way, I give you a tutorial on how to make three versions of these little felt purses -- unlined, lined with costume satin, AND lined with a divider pocket. Come check it out and learn how to make your own! They'd make great inexpensive gifts either on their own or filled with gift cards, stationary, or other little trinkets.

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