Wednesday, August 08, 2012

How to Make Custom Storage Boxes

Yesterday, I posted about the stylish storage box tutorial that I shared over at DIY Your Way this week. Man, I just love these boxes! But, it got me to thinking that shoeboxes are not always the size of box that we need for a specific purpose. For instance, I have this little storage tower in our dining room that has squarish shelves. Personally, I'd rather have boxes that fit the space. Also, when I was making my woven paper boxes, I realized the importance of a loose-fitting lid. If the lid is too tight, it won't fit on top of paper-covered box, especially not when you cover the lid with paper too.

But, you can make your own boxes (or lids) to your own specifications for practically no money at all. With some cereal boxes, a paper cutter, some ModgePodge and tape, you can make boxes that fit just right. Cover them like in the woven paper box tutorial and no one will ever guess their humble beginnings as a cereal box! If you need a loose cover for a shoebox that you want to use, follow these instructions to create a lid and adjust your dimensions to fit the top of your shoebox.

How to Make a Custom Storage Box:

  • cereal boxes
  • paper cutter (or scissors and ruler)
  • Modge Podge & brush
  • tape
1.  Determine the measurements of your box for your space.
I wanted a box that was 9 in (w) x 8 in (l) x 4 in (h). Therefore, I'll need pieces for:
  • Bottom Side - 9 x 8
  • Two Sides - 9 x 4
  • Other Two Sides - 8 x 4

2.  Cut the cereal boxes to the desired shape.
For a sturdier box, use two layers of cereal box cardboard for each side of your box. Cut out 2 bottom pieces, 4 side pieces, and 4 pieces for the other side.

3.  Create the sides of your box.
Brush a layer of Modge Podge on the printed side of a cereal box shape. Affix the matching piece with the printed sides together. Wipe the edges to remove any Modge Podge that seeps out. Place pieces under heavy books and allow to dry. This will also help flatten any pieces of cardboard that got a little bent out of shape in the recycling bin.

4.  Assemble the box.
Once the pieces are dry and flattened, place the bottom in the center of the workspace with identical sides on each side of the bottom piece. Use tape to tape the side pieces to the bottom piece. It will look something like this.

Then, lift up two adjacent sides and tape together. Repeat all the way around until you have a box. Tape again on the outside of the bottom edges and along the corners for stability. Decorate as you wish. Of course, I recommend covering the box with woven strips of paper!

Looking for other ways to organize your things cheaply? Becky at Organizing Made Fun has some great ideas on how to cheaply organize your home using cereal boxes


Packing Boxes said...

I agree, tried using and recycling a shoe box to a new storage boxes and it was pretty nice. Thanks for the tips.

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Super!! And I pinned this also. I am following, too. I always follow so I can get back to a blog. Best wishes, Linda

Oh, no. Captcha. Hope this gets through. I've been having lots of trouble with these things.

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