Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Create Stylish Storage with Back-to-School Shoeboxes

August is well on its way...and that means school is just around the corner! Like most families, we've been buying clothes, shoes, and school supplies for the upcoming year. Along with back-to-school shopping, I'm also trying to organize things a bit more around the house to make things flow more smoothly. I recently shared about my affordable solution to craft storage organization. I camouflaged inexpensive plastic shoesboxes. These work great for this purpose, but sometimes I want something that looks a bit more stylish. The Container Store has so many wonderful choices, but unfortunately, they are WAY out of my price range in this stage of life.

So, I came up with a DIY solution! Come over to DIY Your Way and see how you can transform simple back-to-school shoeboxes into stylish storage boxes! Don't have any shoeboxes to use? You can make your own custom boxes for practically nothing. Check out my tutorial on how to make your own custom boxes.

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