Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting My Household Notebook in Order

Today my husband headed back to law school for his second year, and the girls head back to school next week. The summer is pretty much over, so in an effort to be organized this academic year, I'm getting my household notebook in order.

After a couple of weeks of having the best of intentions, I've decided that getting it DONE imperfectly is better than not getting it done at all.

Initially, I intended to make a bound copy of my personalized notebook with some laminated pages that I'll use frequently. I realized that it takes me forever to get everything just right. So, this year I've decided to go the binder-route, and add and make changes as needed. Since I have a more mobile lifestyle, I'm using a half-size version of Organizing Life as MOM as the basis for my household notebook. Thankfully, my purse is large enough that I can still fit a small binder inside of it.

Someone at Martha Stewart had a brainstorm that women like cute and functional office supplies. Yeah well, I fell for it. I used a coupon that Staples had going for some discounted Martha Stewart Office Supplies. I picked up a small binder and some plastic dividers. I also found some half-size plastic page protectors so I solved my laminating dilemma too! Now I can use a wet-erase pen to write on the pages and change the actual page if needed. Ah, perfect!

Of course, my household notebook is a work in progress. I'm making changes to it as I go, but it feels so good to have something to work with! If you're interested in getting organized with OLAM, enter the Life as MOM giveaway for your own copy of OLAM. The giveaway is open until Friday night at 8pm PST. Of course, you can always buy your own copy and get started right away.

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