Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Having Fun

Last night I was thinking about fun...specifically, having fun and laughing with my girls. Yes, they make me laugh on a daily basis with the funny things they say and do. But, how often do I make them laugh? Not often enough.

It seems that all too often I'm the mommy that's working on her to-do list and not taking time to enjoy fun moments throughout the day. I realize that it doesn't have to be some elaborate craft or activity...although those are always fun. It can be a simple as tickling them, dancing and singing along with Taylor Swift, or having a pillow fight. These all just take a couple of minutes and bring such joy to all involved.

Just the other day, I unearthed a craft that my sister Jamie helped us make at Thanksgiving -- an Indoor Snowball Fight set. It's basically a tin filled with little "snowballs" (cut up bits of men's socks turned inside out, stuffed with fiber fill, and stitched up into a ball-like shape). They are super lightweight and are safe to throw around in the house...and just might be the ticket to some afternoon fun. Now, I just have to wait for them to get up from their naps!

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