Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breaking Bad Habits

Last night, Ella was in quite the energetic energetic that she decided to start kicking her bedroom door over and over. When we told her to stop and asked why she did it in the first place, she responded "I was trying to get my energy out." Since she knows better than to punch the doors, walls, etc., Brett had her calm down in a "time-out" for a few minutes. After it was over, he talked to her about it and somehow they decided that she should make a door sign to help remind her not to kick the door. The girl will embrace any opportunity to draw. So, she got to work...

Don't you just love it? On the left side, we have what to do (notice the check mark). On the right side, we have what NOT to do.

And while she was at it, she decided to make a couple of signs to remind her not to indulge in a few of her other bad habits, like...

sucking on her hair...AND

biting her fingernails!

Oh, how I love my girl, short fingernails and all.

Speaking of short fingernails, if anyone has ideas on how to break the nail biting habit, I'm all ears! I'm working with Ella on this right now. She bites them down until they bleed. I haven't been able to get her to pinpoint a specific reason WHY she does it other than she is hungry. Yes, she actually told me that. Funny child.

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