Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Christmas "Estrofest"

Last weekend, Brett was in Washington, D.C. to have some meetings about a potential project, so the girls and I had four days without him. Once upon a time, I used to bemoan his absence when he left on trips. A couple of years ago, I decided to embrace those absences and enjoy a girls' weekend with my two girlies, an "estrofest" if you will. Now, I don't have any set rules about what we do at our estrofests, but in the past they've typically included:

  • Eating one meal from McDonald's (Brett's not a big fan of McDo so we don't eat there often). Sometimes we eat there, othertimes we have a "picnic" in front of the TV and watch a "kid movie"
  • Watching at least one "mommy movie." Since I've trained my girls well, at ages 5 and 2, they both will watch Jane Austen movies with me. We've got Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightly version)), Pride & Prejudice (BBC Version) and Sense & Sensiblity. I'd like to add some more movies to my collection so that we'll have a little more variety!
Since it is Christmas time, I of course had to add a holiday-themed event to our schedule. The girls were soooo excited to put together our store-bought gingerbread house. We had a great time doing it together. Simple joys.

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Jamie said...

soooo... how many candies did not make it on the gingerbread house??? It was so fun doing one of those with ella years ago. She asked if she could taste the candies.