Friday, December 10, 2010


Barbie as the Princess and the PauperA couple of months ago, we checked out the Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper DVD from the library. Ella initally didn't want to watch it. Apparently, there was a mean-looking, white haired lady on the back of the case that freaked her out. Yeah, in the past she's had a thing about white haired people. I think it is a holdover from her fear of Santa Claus. Anyway, Lucie was totally set on watching it. She has no such qualms about white-haired people. I put it on while they were eating lunch and eventually Ella was hooked. Come on...princesses, singing. It's gotta be a winner for two princess-loving girls, right?

Oh yes. Yes, it is.

Soon enough, they were pretending to be the characters in the movie. I used to do that ALL the time as a girl -- The Parent Trap was one of my favorites. (The original Haley Mills version, of Lindsey Lohan for me.) Not only were my girls pretending to be the characters, they were fighting over who got to be who. Yes, I confess that I used to fight over the same thing with my sisters. However, since there were three of us, we used to fight over which one of Charlie's Angels we were going to be. Because Jamie had the brown hair, she automatically got to be Jaclyn Smith's character. Because Jessica was the oldest, she called dibbs on Farrah Fawcett's and/or Cheryl Ladd's character. As the youngest, I was "forced" to be Kate Jackson's character. I was never happy about that one. She wasn't nearly as glamorous as the others.

And now about 30 years later, I sit and watch my girls fight over who gets to be Princess Annelise (the blonde) and who has to be the pauper Erica (the brunette). Strangely enough, it is my two-year old who insists on being the Princess, and my five-year old who gets upset. I can't help but laugh.

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