Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ella's Christmas Ornaments

It amazes me what joy and hours of activity a set of new Crayola markers can bring. A couple of weeks ago, I busted out some markers that I picked up at one of the back-to-school sales so that the girls could draw on our Christmas Calendar. Since then, Ella has enjoyed drawing and making paper creations with the markers as well as her crayons. Nearly every morning, she tries to squeeze in some art before school. She's been gifting lots of people with her creations -- school teacher, dance teacher, childcare provider, friends, etc.

Now, she hasn't just been making drawings. She has also been making ornaments! I didn't even show her the idea - she thought of it all on her own. She draws out a shape, cuts it out, and tapes a loop of embroidery thread at the top. I keep finding them everywhere! She has a stack ready to go to decorate our still unadorned tree. It was just a few years ago that she was breaking "oh-na-ments" and now she is making them.

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