Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Valentine's Day Blooms

This Saturday was a quiet day at home. My husband was off supporting his Mock Trial team at the county competition, and I was at home with the two girls while it rained and rained. I'm kinda a homebody, so I didn't mind too much. But, it helped that I was armed with a plan. A plan to make these...

Source: Family Fun

I found this adorable Friendship Blossoms Valentine's Card craft in Family Fun Magazine (February 2010), and since I had all of the supplies on hand, it was a no-brainer. Better yet, Ella is celebrating Valentine's Day with her preschool on Wednesday so it was a great time to get them ready. I had to resist the urge to run out and buy more scrapbooking paper to try to copy these with their pretty pastel colors. Instead, we used some from the huge stacks that I already own, and I let Ella make her own creation. She was very happy with the results, and that is what matters right? Here is what we created together:


kim said...

great idea. I might have to do these for Lena's preschool friends too. she would like putting them together.

Jamie said...

THESE are rad!!!! I am going to copy you next year!