Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ella!

Five years ago, this was the little sweetness that I was holding in my arms for the first time:

Yes, today is Ella's FIFTH birthday...and my "Momma-versary" as well. Although by this time of evening five years ago, Ella was about fourteen hours old and was still without a name. My brother-in-law Troy took this photo after he and his wife Aimee drove up after work (and visiting hours) to meet their new little niece. After 24 hours of labor and very little rest during the day, I was more than happy to hand her off so that they could fawn over her and so that I could watch Alias, my favorite TV show. I even remember that the episode was "Liberty Village" if you can believe that one.

Although Ella is now five, she will always be my baby. Happy Birthday Ella!

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