Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, I soooo want one!

I LOVE Cost Plus World Market but rarely get to go there. We have one about 40-minutes away that I could go to, but it's not very feasible with two kids in tow. It's downtown...you have to park in a structure and walk a bit to get there. If I actually bought anything, I'd have to schlep my purchases along with kids back to the car and up the multi-level structure. So, I almost never get there. But, I love to look at their ads and online.

On Sunday afternoon, I saw their ad and was this close to making an online purchase until life intervened and I got distracted. I wanted some of these babies -- the non-paper cup.

I have wanted a porcelain travel cup forever but I didn't think that they actually existed. (I don't like how the plastic and metal ones retain smells and flavors.) Well, they do now. These are porcelain cups (in solid red or green OR the patterns seen above) with a silicone sleeve and lid. Oh, I soooo want one. Today I went back online to try to order one and they've disappeared from the website. It's so strange because usually World Market keeps the listing up and writes "Out of Stock" if a product becomes unavailable. Now the listing is nowhere to be found. Perhaps they still have them in the store but there isn't much chance that I will make it there anytime soon. So, if any of my siblings are reading this, you know what you can get me for Christmas!

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Bonnie said...

Hello! I've also seen these in the Container Store Catalog (www.thecontainerstore.com) The Non-paper coffee cup and they sell a silicone sleeve that has a handle as well. Good Luck

Bonnie www.thesheppardstyle.wordpress.com