Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giggling Elmo's Hot Tomato Game

After Lucie was born, my sister Jamie and my parents took care of Ella as I recovered in the hospital. Generous soul that she is, Jamie came bearing gifts. One of the gifts she brought was Giggling Elmo's Hot Tomato Game. Ella was just barely three at the time and she didn't quite understand how to play "Hot Potato". Although she thought the Elmo ball was cute, she didn't play with it much as she was transitioning out of her Elmo phase and into the Princess one. And so, this sweet little Elmo sat waiting to be played with...until Lucie discovered him a couple of months ago.

Brett was out for the night working so we had a Girls' Night. Per tradition, we got some McDonald's and watched a movie...and as a surprise, I decided that we should try our hand at playing with Elmo. Basically all you have to do is press Elmo's orange nose and the Elmo ball starts giggling and shaking for an unknown amount of time. You can simply play "Hot Potato" with it or there are other cards for more advanced play. Ella was just able to catch it and throw it. Lucie, well, not so much. She thought it was hilarious and it brought her great joy. However, this is how she most liked playing with it....

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