Tuesday, November 10, 2009

C & D: A Tradition Continues

We are so very blessed to have my in-laws visiting for extended periods of time. They sold their Southern California home earlier this year and moved to Oregon for retirement. Although they now live much farther away from us, retirement does offer them the flexibility to visit for longer periods of time. They'll be around until Thanksgiving and we're so happy to have them around.

Today my father-in-law Randy continued a family tradition with Ella -- C & D. In the past, it has stood for "Coffee and Doughnuts" but in our little town, it could also stand for "Coffee and Danishes". Over the years, Dad has enjoyed taking his children out on solo "dates" for coffee and doughnuts and to talk about life. Ella and Poppa Randy spent about two hours together walking around town, eating yummy treats and shopping at the bookstore.

At first, Ella decided that she was going to save some of her treat for Lucie. But, as the morning went on, she decided that she was hungry and finished it off. So, she asked Poppa Randy if he'd buy one to bring home for Lucie. Predictably, when they walked through the door, Ella said, "Mom, we got a treat for Lucie! But, it's kinda big so I suggest that I share it with her."

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