Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Summer Picnic

Last week, we headed to the library for our usual storytime. Since we're usually done with the library close to lunchtime, I planned ahead and packed a little lunch so we would be prepared with whatever we wanted to do. I figured that we could eat at the park on the way home or take an "adventure" walk and let Ella choose our route home and snack along the way. If the girls are hungry, they're not happy...which means that I'm not happy. So away we went to the library with our picnic lunch in hand.

After storytime, Ella found some tree bark that she was very excited about. (It constantly amazes me what a four-year old can get excited about!) Despite all my wonderful planning for a park picnic, Ella wanted nothing to do with it. She just wanted to go straight home. I think it had something to do with her plans for the tree bark. So, to home we went.

But, rather than let a picnic lunch go to waste by eating it inside, I decided that we'd picnic at home. We spread out a blanket under a tree in the front yard and had our little picnic there...and both girls LOVED it. It amazes me how a little simple change from routine can make two little kids so happy.

Ella enjoyed her favorite PB & J in different scenery.

Lucie enjoyed her "sa-bee" (aka "sandwich") and apple. It was a happy afternoon!

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