Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Princess, Prince?

Yes, my dear sweet father, actually sat down and played "Pretty Pretty Princess: Sleeping Beauty Edition" with Ella today. Never in a million years would I have expected him to do that! Perhaps it was because he hasn't seen us for nearly two months. Or, perhaps he just couldn't say no to Ella's sweet face. Whatever the reason, my father - the teacher, the farmer, the painter, the real estate agent - played a game that requires him to wear girly, plastic jewelry. It was a very sweet sight.

So was the smile on Ella's face. She just LOVED playing the game with her Papa Jack!

A big thanks to Auntie Jess for making this moment possible. Knowing Ella's love for Sleeping Beauty, she gifted Ella with the game at Christmas. Not only does Ella love dressing up like a princess with jewelry, she loves winning the game. I don't think that Papa Jack was sorry to lose this one!

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Jamie said...

Great post!!! Yes, THanks Jessica for making this moment possible!!! Hysterical!