Friday, May 29, 2009

The World of Fairies

Over the last year and a half, Ella has slowly been introduced to TinkerBell. Although she's never seen the movie Peter Pan, she has seen the image of TinkerBell. Shortly after Lucie was born, Auntie Jamie gave Ella a TinkerBell gift bag full of "potty presents" to encourage her to potty-train. Last November, her cousin Cana got a beautiful TinkerBell snow globe that she was just enthralled with (and now Auntie Jess has to hide it in the closet when we come visit to save it from sure destruction.) In January, Auntie Aimee sent her a beautiful TinkerBell costume because she knows how much Ella loves dress-up. 

Despite all this exposure to TinkerBell, Ella didn't really know much about the character until she spotted the new Disney movie "TinkerBell" at the library. The movie tells the story of how TinkerBell came to be, and I confess, even I enjoy watching it. We've probably seen it at least ten times. In fact, Tinker Bell has largely replace Sleeping Beauty in Ella's imaginary play! 

In case you're not familiar with the world of fairies (as told in the TinkerBell movie), let me give you a brief overview. Fairies are "born" from the first laugh of a newborn baby and are brought by the winds to Pixie Hollow, a part of Neverland.  When a fairy arrives in Pixie Hollow, she discovers that she has a special gift, or talent and it becomes her job to use her talent for the benefit of the other fairies and the world. There are several different talent groups of fairies.

Of course, there's TinkerBell. She's a Tinker fairy. They fix things and create inventions to solve problems.

And of course, TinkerBell has her well as her nemesis. From left to right...
  • There's of Ella's favorite fairies. She is a Water-Talent fairy. She can create rain and place dew drops on spiderwebs. 
  • Rosetta is a Garden-Talent fairy. She helps create beautiful flowers and gardens.
  • Iridessa is a Light-Talent fairy. She can create rainbows (with the help of Water-Talent fairies), give lightening bugs their light, etc.
  • Fawn is an Animal-Talent fairy. She does things like making sure that animals coming out of hibernation have food and she helps teach baby birds how to fly.
  • And of course, TinkerBell's nemesis is Vidia, the Fast-Flying fairy. She creates the winds and can pollinate flowers. Because her talent is rare, she thinks that she is better than everyone else and looks down on Tink for being a "tinker".

Because Ella loves dress-up so much, I'm thinking about trying out my sewing skills and making some other fairy outfits. Simplicity has a pretty cute pattern for other fairy costumes (#2872). Plus, I think it would be fun to have some extra fairy costumes for when friends come to play. Maybe it will be a summer project for me.

Over the next couple of days, I will hopefully get time to post some TinkerBell related pics and some funny stories about my girls and the world of fairies.

(If you want to learn more about Disney fairies - or have a little girl who does - you can go here to the Disney Fairies website. It's got games and activities for kids.)


Auntie Aimee said...

I'm so excited that Ella loves my favorite Tinkerbell too! Maybe she and I can read the Peter Pan book together. :)

Jamie said...

Ella sure looks cute in her Tink outfit. That girl is something else! She cracks me up. She is quite a Tink character!