Monday, August 25, 2008

Missing Mama

Last night was one of those rare occasions (count them - two) when I've been away from both my girls for an extended period of time. I am part of my local MOPS group's leadership team, and we had a planning meeting for several hours last night. Thankfully, Daddy agreed to be on duty. He is more than capable, and I figured that it would be okay since I was only one mile away from home. I have a cell phone. I left directions. I nursed Lucie right before I left and gave instructions for food while I was gone. Daddy knew where to find me if needed. And, I went off to my group. I didn't get any phone calls, and they didn't stop by the meeting.

Well, when I walked in the door several hours later, Lucie was crying her head off and Daddy had a bemused look on his face. He seemed to have handled it tolerably, but he said that she cried off and on all night. Anytime he tried to do a "Mommy thing" like feed her some peas, it was like she realized I wasn't around and just started crying again. So, he didn't really get her to eat much while I was gone. Needless to say, she was quite hungry by that point and very happy to see her Mommy!

In a strange way, I like it when my kids miss me. It makes me feel important. Needed. Loved. When I'm back home, it reaffirms that this is where I'm supposed to be.


Rebecca said...

Cute! We saw them in the park, I guess the evening turned sour after that. I hope your meeting went wel..

Jamie said...

Janel you are just the cutest! I love you, your girls, Brett? (JK) and the fact that you love being a Mommy. Thank you for making me an AUNTIE. I love that TOO!