Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lucie's on the move

It seemed like it took forever for Lucie to learn to roll over. But, she sure is making strides in the movement department these days. In the last month, she has mastered rolling and is no longer content to stay on her blanket. She's not crawling yet, but with a series of movements she manages to maneuver herself to where she wants to go. She kicks her legs, rolls and at times, it even looks like she is doing the splits. Every once in awhile, I catch her on her stomach with her arms flapping to the sides and her feet kicking behind her. It's very cute to watch!

Her curiosity about the things around her is becoming apparent now. Just today, I found that she had moved from her blanket to a trunk a few feet away so that she could play with the latch. I think maybe I'm going to need to start re-baby-proofing the house!

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