Thursday, July 03, 2008

Where I've Been

I can't believe that it has been a more than two weeks since I posted! Time flies when you're not at home. After a 2 1/2 week absence, we're FINALLY back least for a few days!

Brett finished teaching on the 13th, and we left the next day for a couple of days in Santa Clarita with family. We were able to visit with Brett's parents as well as with my family. It was a rare treat to be with almost all of my siblings -- just big sis Jessica was missing. (Hopefully, God will make a way for her and her brood to move back to So. Cal...we'll just wait and see.) Anyway, we were able to celebrate Father's Day and my father's 65th birthday together. My sister Jamie even provided a SpiderMan pinata for the festivities! All in all, it was a nice time together before Dad headed off on his annual road trip to visit family in the midwest.

On the 17th, we headed off to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit Brett's brother Troy, his wife Aimee and their one-year old Amelia. They moved there two summers ago, and this was our first visit to the east coast to visit them. We had some travel vouchers that we got on our Italy Trip last trip (our headphones didn't work on the overseas flight!) that were about to expire, so we figured it was as good as time as any to make the trip! It was a nice week of hanging out, drinking coffee, going to the pool, and even taking a "day trip" to Charleston, SC. Ella loves her cousin Meli, and if I'm not mistaken, Meli loves Ella too! I can't wait until Meli and Lucie get a bit older and the three girls can really play together!

The day after our return from NC, we headed off yet again! This time, we took a road trip to Lake Tahoe where Brett was attending a teaching conference. I had never been to Tahoe before -- it really is a lovely area. Brett enjoyed the conference during the day and we had the afternoons and evenings to enjoy family time and the Tahoe area.

Since I'm writing on our laptop right now, I don't have access to the pics from our travels. So, I'll try to post some pics and more stories from the individual trips in the days to come. Stay tuned...


Jamie said...

Sounds busy, but fun!

Peter Mathios said...

Saw the Tahoe pics on the website. Great stuff! My old stomping grounds:-) The NC pics are great too!!