Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today is the very first Father's Day that we actually get to celebrate. Usually, Father's Day begins a week at camp at Forest Home with the students from our church youth group. Last year, he even went to camp without us. However, this week we're headed to North Carolina to visit his brother Troy and his family instead of going to camp. So, that gives us a day to focus on Daddy!

A few weeks ago, my talented sister Jamie took this beautiful picture of the girls. It is NOT easy to get two kids to both look at the camera! Jamie managed to capture this sweet shot though. Ella is wearing one of her favorite dresses, and Lucie has a blinged-out initialed onesie (compliments of Auntie Jamie). As a gift, I had this picture put on a coffee mug with the words "Ella and Lucie love Daddy". It is the second mug in a series. For his first Father's Day, I had a black coffee mug made with this adorable picture of Baby Ella and the words "Ella loves Daddy".

We are blessed to have two sweet daughters, and they are blessed to have one wonderful father. Happy Father's Day Brett!

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Rebecca said...

Lucie's eyes look like they might stay brown. They look like Logan's!