Monday, July 21, 2008


I always wondered how hard it would be NOT to compare my children with each other. I found that out really quickly...about 30 seconds after Lucie was born, I was already comparing the two deliveries! (Lucie's was shorter and easier.) Then of course came the comparison of their looks. (Ella looks more like Brett, Lucie like me.) Now, I find myself compare their bodies types and how quickly they reach the typical developmental milestones. I know this is probably normal since Ella is my only frame of reference, but I really want to be careful in comparing the two. Over and over, I tell myself, "They're two different people. Things WILL be different!"

Lately, I've been watching and waiting for Lucie to roll over. Although she is six and a half months old, she just has not been interested in achieving this particular milestone. Perhaps it is because I didn't give her as much "tummy time" as I did with Ella. Maybe she just likes being on her back. Or, it could be just that she likes being on her own schedule. (She did after all decide to arrive a week after her due date...and that was only because I was induced!) But, this week she finally started rolling over on her own! We were at Brett's parents' house on Wednesday, and she saw a toy that she wanted to reach and flipped herself over from back to front. Today she managed to do it again twice while I wasn't looking. I suppose those days of her staying where I put her are soon to be over. My baby is growing up!

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