Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My newest adventure

Despite always saying I only wanted to have ONE child in diapers at a time, it looked as if that would not be the case. I was pregnant with Lucie, and Ella seemed quite content to wear her Pull-Ups forever. She thwarted my attempts to potty train her on my time-table. With finance a concern, I started contemplating cloth diapering. When I mentioned what I was thinking to Brett, he said, "Are you crazy? With your gag reflex? You can’t do that!" Well, life went on…Lucie was born…and we started using disposable diapers. At the time, Ella was still using Pull-Ups (at about 30 cents each!), and I cringed every time I had to buy another package of diapers for either her or Lucie.

Then one day I was perusing my friend Rachel’s online store Euphoria Maternity for a baby carrier. Her site also includes products for babies, and I noticed a link about cloth diapering. Rachel has provided TONS of information about cloth diapering on the site, and I got sucked in! I even emailed Rachel with additional questions and got her feedback about her personal experience with cloth diapering. (She is thorough and FAST at answering questions about any products on their site!) That inspired me to look at other sites as well for more information, and once again I was contemplating cloth diapering.

I’m not going to get into the disposable vs. cloth debate – there is plenty of info out there if you’re interested in learning more. And I’m not going to pass any judgments on people for their diapering choices -- I’m sure cloth diapering is not for everyone. But, after all that I’ve read about cloth diapering, I personally felt like I just needed to give it a try at least.

So, the other day I headed to to buy a few bumGenius! 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diapers – I had a gift certificate (thanks Jill!) so I figured that was a good place to try out the diapers. (If I end up buying more, I’ll probably head over to Euphoria Maternity since they have comparable prices, they let you choose different colors AND they give you a free wetbag.) BumGenius 3.0 is designed to go on like a disposable, but it is adjustable so that the diaper grows with the baby – no need to buy additional sizes. Plus, if you’ve got more than one child in diapers, you tote the same diapers with you – it simplifies the diaper bag! Yesterday, I gave the diapers a prep wash and today I’m giving it a whirl. I’ll report thoughts about this cloth diapering thing at a later date.


Ribbens Family said...

Can't wait to hear how you like the cloth diapers. I have tried kissaluvs and gdiapers but am interested in one size fits all!!

Janel said...

Sara - I can't really compare BG to anything else because I haven't tried anything else! But, the design is pretty cool -- they just have these adjustable snaps so you can resize. It doesn't really add bulk to the diaper, but the insert that goes in is more bulky when on a smaller setting -- a portion is basically folded over and snapped down. I'd be happy to show you one if you want to check it out. So far, I haven't come up with a verdict on cloth diapers -- it's only been one day! But, I'll let you know what I decide.