Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The end is in sight...

Today Brett and I headed to SB for our prenatal visit at 40 weeks, 3 days. The baby's heartbeat is good and I am dilated to 4 centimeters -- only 6 to go! We spent awhile talking to the doctor about the possibility of inducing this baby. Since I am measuring just as I was with Ella, there is concern that this baby could already be as big as Ella was (8lbs, 13 oz) and still gaining the longer s/he stays in there. Although I don't love the idea of inducing, I also don't love the idea of giving birth to a baby larger than Ella or having a c-section. Plus, I had hoped that we would have some time to spend together at home while I recovered and we adjusted to life as a family of four before Brett headed back to school on the 7th.

So, we've decided to give this baby another day to come on his/her own or we're scheduled to go in to the hospital early Friday AM to induce. The plan is to start me on pitocin to get some contractions going and then to break my water. My hope and prayer is that I won't need to remain on pitocin for long and will be able to finish labor in a mobile fashion -- maybe even get to use the labor tub. Since I am already at 4 centimeters, there is a good chance that it will be just what is needed to make labor progress quickly and smoothly.

We would love your prayers as we prepare for the birth of this sweet little one. Ideally, I'd like the baby to come naturally (I'm not loving the idea of pitocin), but ultimately we just want a safe and healthy arrival of our baby. Thanks for praying for us!

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