Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ella at the Pumpkin Patch

Since Ella was born, we have gone to Lombardi Ranch every year for our pumpkin patch trip. It is a ranch just up the road from my parents' house where I used to go as a kid. Things have changed there over the years. Their Halloween festivities have morphed from a simple patch with a cheesy scarecrow witch (with tape recorder sound effects) into a month-long extravaganza including live music, food stands, scarecrow contests, a train ride through a field of sunflowers, pumpkins galore and lots of things for the kiddies to play on. The added bonus was that my parents, my brothers and my sister Jamie always made the trip with us. Now that we're grown up, it's a rare moment when the majority of us get together. So, our trips to Lombardi's have been special to me. We were hoping to make it there again this coming weekend, but it looks like the wildfires will prevent us from doing so. As far as I can tell from online maps, Lombardi Ranch is in extreme fire danger.

So, it looks like Ella's annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch will just be the one we took last week to the local patch, The Solvang Farmer, with some moms and kids from MOPS. Will, our neighbor and Ella's buddy, was there and they had fun looking at the truck and digging in the dirt!

The Solvang Farmer doesn't quite compare to Lombardi's but it was fun nevertheless. We got to go through the corn maze and Ella picked out a small pumpkin all on her own. She looked at lots of pumpkins but kept coming back to the same one. She actually got a bit possessive of it and worried if anyone else got too close to it. You can see her clutching it in the pic below.

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