Tuesday, October 30, 2007

31 Week Check-Up


Not much to report today from the check-up. It was a quick & easy one as most of them are. The one interesting tidbit I did pick up was that Ella weighed 8lbs 13oz at birth according to my file at Dr. Echt's office -- not 8lbs 11oz as my little certificate from the hospital reads. So, I really don't know which one is correct. Dr. Echt said that the hospital's record is probably more accurate, but "We still want a smaller one this time." I'm not sure how I'm supposed to go about doing that. It's not like I gorge myself on sweets and carbs, but then again, I probably don't eat as many veggies as I could either. I guess we'll find out in just a little over 8 1/2 weeks! Yikes - that sounds soon! I still need to clean out some drawer space for this little nugget and get clothes washed and ready. I know I've still got plenty of time but I have a feeling that the next 8 weeks will pass sooner than I think.

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