Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've been spared...

Yeah, I've been spared -- I do not need to take the 3-hour glucose test tomorrow! My results from the hemoglobin test came back completely normal. I'm not really sure why they don't just have women take the hemoglobin test instead -- it sounds like it is a much better reflection of what is really going on in your blood. Seriously, what woman would normally starve herself for 8 hours, ingest huge amounts of sugar and then sits for an hour (or hours) like she does during the glucose test?! It's just not natural! My mom suggested that the hemoglobin might be a more expensive test. I guess I could check that out when we get the insurance statement.

So, instead of being tortured with copious amounts of sugar and four blood draws, I'll just get to visit with my parents who were planning on coming up for Ella-sitting. This weekend is Danish Days in Solvang, so we'll probably take in some of the festivities if it doesn't rain. Now, I can eat some aebelskivers (Danish ball-like pancakes with jam) without feeling too guilty!

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