Friday, August 31, 2007

A Visit with Baby Amelia (and her parents)

This past week, we had the joy of meeting our new niece Amelia and seeing her parents Troy & Aimee. They decided to fly out from North Carolina to introduce Amelia to some of her California relatives and so that the Piersma men could go on an end of summer sailing trip. While Brett, Troy & Randy went out to sea for a few days of fishing, the women got together for a day of fun at the Piersma pool. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics since Brett took the camera on the boat with him!

I was lamenting the lack of pictures and the short amount of time our two families had together when Troy & Aimee surprised us by being available to come up to Solvang for a day! They arrived late on Wednesday night and stayed until after dinner on Thursday. Although Brett had to work, Aimee, Troy, Amelia, Ella & I got to hang out. It was a lazy day, but Ella sure enjoyed looking at her baby cousin. She tends to get a bit intense in her affection, so we had to watch her carefully. But, she just loved looking at Amelia and telling us, "Baby Amelia is so cute!" Just before they left, we took a few minutes to try to take some pics of the kids. Ella didn't really want to cooperate, so I have a less than stellar pic of her with Amelia. But, we managed to get some cute ones of the baby on her own (see above). AND, thanks to Brett's tripod and the camera timer, we have a shot of the 6 of us! Thankfully, they will be out for another visit in November as well as in December for the holidays. We're looking forward to it!

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