Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Washer Bites the Dust

This summer I read in my sister's blog about several items that were falling apart at her house. In a few months, the freezer's ice maker, her bread machine, the food processor all broke AND a mirror fell off the wall in the bathroom (but didn't break, amazingly). Jessica took it all in stride and looked on the bright side that they were all just luxuries. Now, if her washer or dishwasher had broken that would have been really bad. With 5 kids and a hubby, she does more loads of laundry and dishes than I can imagine.

So, I had to laugh inwardly when it was OUR washing machine that broke...mid-load! I confess I didn't actually witness the event. My good hubby was taking care of Ella and doing laundry while I was at a meeting on Sunday night. I came home to Brett saying, "I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that I did two loads of laundry. The bad news is that the washing machine broke and a load is still in there." Brett managed to drain the washer mostly and now it is my task to finish washing the laundry that was in the machine. Let's just say they had a good soak since it is now Tuesday and this happened late Sunday night. What a hassle -- and this is just a load of mostly Ella's clothes!

Fortunately, I don't have to hang them out to dry. However, I am prepared for the dryer to break thanks to Grandma Bonnie (who does hang out her laundry). This past weekend Grandma noticed that Ella had such fun playing with her clothespins that she bought Ella her own set. As for a line, I'd have to get creative. But, I'm praying that won't happen...and that Brett will be able to fix whatever broke on the machine. Otherwise, we may be in the market for a new machine.

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