Thursday, August 02, 2007

18 Weeks

On Sunday, I marked the 18th week of pregnancy. We've got 5 months to go. It's strange to think that I'm nearly halfway there! I was looking at the calendar and I really am hoping that the baby is either slightly early or right on time. The due date falls exactly halfway into Brett's Christmas vacation. I really hope to have him around for a bit while I recover and get used to being a mom to 2 kids. But, it's all in God's timing.

Ella has started talking to my belly a bit now, but doesn't say much other than "Hi Baby!" or "Goodnight Baby!" or "I'm your big sister Ella." I hope to get a few books that we can start reading with her about what it's like when another baby comes to the house. I got a few suggestions of books from an article Welcoming Another Baby that my sister Jessica wrote. (She's got 5 great kids so she knows a thing or two about welcoming another baby into the family and helping the big kid(s) prepare for the change!) Now that the kitchen remodel is basically done, we can slow down and put a little more focus back on Ella and enjoy having ONE child as we prepare as a family to have TWO.

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