Monday, July 30, 2007

Adventures in Potty Training

For those who don't like potty talk, you may just want to skip this entry entirely. But, potty training is our stage of life right now so I'm blogging about it.

It has been seven months since Ella got her potty chair from Grandma Bonnie and Papa Randy, and over a month since her first and only successful attempt in the potty. Last weekend when Nanna was here, we had Ella wear big girl panties for an afternoon as an experiment. She stayed dry through naptime. Immediately afterward, we had her sit on the potty for at least 10 minutes to no avail. Then about 5 minutes later she went into her room and came back out walking strangely. She had gone potty on a book instead of in the toilet! Not wanting pee-stained carpet, I abandoned the effort until I could buy more absorbant panties.

So, here we are a week later, armed with thick cloth training pants & vinyl covers to keep the pee off my carpet! Unfortunately, she was 0 for 7. Granted, I'm a bit disappointed that we haven't had one successful attempt. But, I keep reminding myself this is a learning process. On the bright side, it hasn't been a complete failure. This morning Ella resisted even sitting on her potty chair. I decided to take it apart since it's the kind that converts to a step stool & seat cover that snaps onto the real toilet. Since I did that, she's been much more willing to sit on it. So, I guess we'll just call that the success for the day. You can bet that I'll blog again when we have some true success.

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