Saturday, February 17, 2007

"How I do it?"

Last night we had a very fancy dinner -- caesar salad and Domino's pizza. As we were eating, Ella said "I want broccoli." We were a little surprised that she would ask for that, and I replied that we didn't have any broccoli. She looked at me, pointed to my salad and said, "I want that." I told her that it wasn't broccoli but it was salad. Ella again said that she would like some. I seriously doubted that she would actually eat it, but I gave her a piece of lettuce. She picked it up with her fingers and said "How I do it?" I figured the piece was still too big for her so I tore it into smaller bites. Much to my surprise, she ate the small pieces and liked it AND asked for more. We may just have a salad-eater on our hands.

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