Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Aunt Castle"

Just after Valentine's Day, we received a padded envelope in the mail from my Aunt Cass. Inside was a beautiful book that she made with family photos and information for all of my aunts, uncles & cousins on my mother's side. I showed Ella the book and told her that it was a present from Aunt Cass. Fast forward another day or two, and we received another padded envelope in the mail. This time it wasn't from Cass but her sister, my mom. But, the moment that Ella saw me pull the package out of the box, she pointed to is and said "Aunt CASTLE"! It took me a moment to figure it out...but I think she thinks that all padded envelopes come from Aunt Cass. Even though I correct her, Ella persists in calling her Aunt Castle so that may just be her name from now on. After all, Cass does affectionately call her home "Cram-a-lot".

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