Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Teething Time

Ella doesn't usually fuss unless she's tired, hungry or doesn't feel well. Lately, it has been one of those times. On Friday, Brett and I were actually going to go out for dinner with adults. Even better, it was going to be at Los Olivos Cafe AND it was going to be free! (It was a work-related dinner with ABC-Clio.) I had asked my friend Naomi (and momma to Ella's friend Josh) to watch her for a few hours. Unfortunately, I had to cancel because Ella was extremely grumpy and getting feverish. So, instead of a lovely salmon dinner, I had a Big Bopper burger & fries with Ella and watched Pride & Prejudice on DVD. Not quite what I was planning but it was an okay night.

On Saturday, it dawned on me that her fever and continued grumpiness could be from teething. In the past, she hasn't usually been bothered by getting teeth but she usually makes strange faces. I realized that she had been making new strange faces and biting on her fingers. Since the fever is gone, she doesn't have any other cold symptoms but the grumpiness is still here, I'm calling it teething. My guess is that she's getting her canine teeth which I've heard are particularly painful. Unfortunately, she doesn't like me poking around in her mouth so visual confirmation is hard to come by. Hopefully, this will pass soon and my happy child will return.

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