Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The climbing stage has begun!

Well, little Miss Ella Rose has decided to try her hand (or foot) at climbing. It started out slowly. At first, she started climbing into her little mini rocking chair and just sitting. Then, she got adventurous and started climbing onto the folded up Pack & Play that sits in her room. Just this week she tried the coffee table. She did it with surprising ease and then stood up! Now, I don't know if you remember our "coffee table" but it is really just a wicker's not the sturdiest thing in the world. (In fact, it becomes less sturdy with each passing day because Ella likes to pick little pieces of wicker off of it!) That night, she tried to do it over and over and ignored Momma saying "No". Thankfully, she hasn't tried it again since. But, she's trying other obstacles. Today, she decided to tackle a cardboard box that is waiting to go out to the trash. The climbing stage has indeed begun!

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