Saturday, October 01, 2005

Our blog begins!

I was inspired to start my own blog by my sister Jessica. Since she and her family live far, far away in Kansas City, her blog has been a way for me to keep up with the adventures of my four fabulous nephews - Nile, Jordan, Cal & Judah (aka The Fishboys). I thought it might be fun for me to attempt to do the same. I'm hoping that Brett will post his own thoughts now and again as well.

It's hard to believe that Brett and I have been parents for eight months to our sweet little Ella Rose. She is such a joy! We've been blessed with a relatively "easy" and happy child. I read in parenting books & websites how "stranger anxiety" is supposed to set in at this age...but so far I've rarely seen it. She is definitely a people person. She just loves interaction with other kids and adults. Honestly, I think that spending time in the nursery at church and at MOPS are the highlights of her week! When I talk to the caregivers afterward, they just tell me how much fun she's had playing and exploring the room. I have to say that I enjoy those times too -- it's a chance for me to live in the adult world for a couple hours.

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