Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Los Olivos Days

This past weekend Ella and I had the day to ourselves since Daddy was working in the morning and was having coffee with the guys afterward. So, we went to "Los Olivos Days" in nearby Los Olivos with my friend Joanne and her son Caleb. Although we've lived in the valley for over two years, it was the first time that we've been to Los Olivos Days...or pretty much any local festival. The exception of course would be "Danish Days" in Solvang but as Joanne informed me, "Locals don't go to that." She grew up in the valley so she would know! I guess it IS pretty touristy.

It was great to get out of the house and I think Ella enjoyed the fresh air and getting to see Joanne and Caleb too. We saw a few of the women from MOPS as well. One of them saw Ella and Caleb side by side in their strollers and said, "I can see where this is going!" Yes, Ella will have her choice of many suitors as time goes on. It seems as if all the other kids her age that we know are boys.

Anyway, there were lots of stands with people selling their wares and non-profit groups selling food to raise money. We stopped by a book sale to benefit a local school and got a bunch of used books for just a few bucks. It made me realize how excited I am to have a girl so that I can buy all those girly things that I remember enjoying during my childhood -- like the princess books I bought at the sale. As Ella gets older, I'm realizing what a great opportunity I have to help her make great memories -- of outings, traditions, books, movies, etc. I'm really looking forward to it. Well, my little girl is crying so I gotta run.

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