Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Beary Sweet Valentine's Cards

There's nothing like waiting until the last minute to make Valentine's Day cards! It's a tradition in our house to make our own and then attach a little treat. Somehow the weekend got away from us and we didn't have time to make them. So, here we are at the last minute getting them done.

This year, we decided to use packages of gummi bears for the special treat. One of Lucie's friends has severe allergies so there really aren't that many candies that she can eat. Haribo Gummi Bears just happen to be something that she can have. The bear theme made it easy enough to write a little Valentine's Day message:
  • You are BEARY cool.
  • You are BEARY nice.
  • You are BEARY kind.
  • You are BEARY sweet.
  • You are a BEARY good friend.

If you want to make your own last-minute Valentine's Day cards, you can use this Beary Sweet Valentine's Day card template. There are two different versions -- one for older kids (with "To" and "From" and one for preschoolers with just "From").

How to Make Beary Sweet Valentine's Cards:

  • Beary Sweet Valentine's Day Card Template
  • white paper or cardstock
  • scrapbook paper (we used the $1 pack from Target's Dollar Spot) or colored cardstock
  • scissors and paper cutter
  • stapler
  • gluestick
  • small packages of gummi bears
  1. Print page 1 onto white cardstock as many times as you need. Each page holds 5 different messages. Cut out the hearts just inside the black line.
  2. Print page 2 (with To: and From:) or page 3 (with just From:) onto the backside of the colored cardstock or scrapbook paper. My paper was colored on one side and white on the other. I printed onto the white side. If your paper is not 8 1/2" x 11" (mine was 12" x 12"), you'll have to trim it to fit it in your printer.
  3. Cut the colored paper into four rectangles -- at 4.25" (on the 8.5" side) and at 5.5" (on the 11" side). Have your child address the invitations.
  4. Staple the gummi bear packet onto the paper rectangles right below the names.
  5. Glue the bear hearts onto the front side of the paper rectangles so that it covers up the staple. Ta da!

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