Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ebook Sale to Benefit the Barlow Family

One of the beautiful things about the internet is the way that it can connect us to one another. I'm always especially touched when I learn of the struggles that friends of friends -- complete strangers to me -- are facing.

I recently learned about the Barlow Family from Mandi of Life Your Way. Last month, Harold Barlow passed away from a brain infection and left behind his wife Jenny and their five children. My heart breaks for them and their loss. I can't even fathom what they are experiencing now.

But, I am pleased to be able to do my part to let you know of a great fundraiser to help support this wonderful family during this nightmare of a situation.  As a way to help the Barlow Family while still providing a great resource for readers, Mandi of Life Your Way has brought together a small group of bloggers and put together a pretty amazing benefit sale, which includes the 9 ebooks listed below plus the complete set of Life Your Way printables. Valued at over $50, this benefit bundle will be available for $5 for just three days, starting today through Thursday night. This bundle includes: 
100% percent of the proceeds will go directly to the Barlow Family. Although I already own a few of these awesome resources, I'm buying a copy for myself as well to get access to the others AND support this family. Even if you aren't able to purchase the bundle at this time, consider sharing this offer with your friends online:

Click here to purchase your ebook collection to benefit the Barlow Family.

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