Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hanging out in Virginia Beach

When family comes to visit, blogging takes the back seat just a bit. But, that is as it should be. My mom flew out to Virginia to visit us and attend a teaching conference. She invited the girls and me to join her. A few days at a hotel by the beach with my mom? Who could say "No" to that? Not me!

L and E love staying at hotels! It's very rare that we do, but it's so fun to see their excitement. Gosh, it's even better when the hotel has so many amenities like The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach does! There are two Cavalier properties -- one on the oceanfront and the historic one on the hill. When you stay at one, you can enjoy both properties. Not only do they have pools (outdoor and indoor), a game room and several restaurants, but they have a free kids' camp during the day in summertime so Mom and Dad can enjoy some kid-free time. In fact, if you eat dinner at one of the restaurants, you can have your kids eat in the supervised Kids' Club.  Yeah, totally amazing.

My mom managed to fit in some conference time while I played at the pools with the girls and enjoyed the sun on the beach. When some rain swept in, we were able to keep swimming at the indoor pool at the Cavalier on the Hill. So fun!

I would definitely like to return to The Cavalier again for a family-friendly summer getaway!

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