Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lucie's 3rd Birthday

Lucie's 3rd birthday was hectic, but it managed to please a sweet three-year old girl. That was really my only goal. Although I was exhausted by the end of the day, it was really a nice day.The morning started off a bit special because our friend Olivia had spent the night. Her expectant mom needed to go to the hospital for observation, so Lucie ended up with 24-hour playdate. What kid doesn't love that?

After we picked up Ella from school, we headed out for a picnic lunch, some frozen yogurt and a trip to our favorite toy store. While the girls were playing with the Thomas the Train playset, I steathfully bought a Sleeping Beauty figure for the birthday cake. Lucie just loves Sleeping Beauty.

Later that evening, we tried to fit in a bit of a celebration before Brett had to go to Mock Trial practice. We invited Uncle Troy, Auntie Aimee and cousins Meli and Jilli to join us for one of Lucie's favorite meals - Honey Chicken with Rice. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to move onto the cake before Brett had to leave, but we videotaped it for him.

As I mentioned yesterday, Lucie had requested a pink cake with pink frosting. So, I did my best to recreate this cake with Sleeping Beauty replacing Rapunzel. Although it wasn't perfect, it managed to please a three-year old, and it tasted pretty darn good too. I couldn't find any chocolate rocks in town, so we substituted some color-coordinating Jelly Bellies instead. Since I couldn't find a pink number candle, we used traditional ones along the top. It took Lu several tries to blow them out, but it was fun to watch.

Of course, no birthday is complete without gifts. Lucie seemed to enjoy them all:

When asked at the end of the day, Lucie told me that she liked the "cooking book" the best. Since she's my little sous-chef, I wasn't too surprised. It was quite the princess birthday for my little princess.

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