Monday, January 24, 2011

Breakfast for A New Mom

Last week, my friend Dawn gave birth to a sweet baby girl. Whenever a friend has a baby, I always think back to what it was like when I became a new mother. It's hard to believe but that little newborn pictured above will be turning six years old this week! I was so very blessed to have friends around to help in those weeks of recovery. Many supplied homemade frozen dinners in advance and several brought over dinner. One friend in particular practically stocked our fridge with lots of ready-to-eat foods when we came home from the hospital. I don't think I had to plan a meal for at least a month.

Although I plan on bringing a home-cooked meal to Dawn and her family, I thought it might be fun to bring her some breakfast food too. Mornings are difficult for a mother of a newborn. In my experience, breakfast falls down on the list of essentials. But, I realized how easy AND inexpensive it can be to help out a mom in this way. Here are a couple meal suggestions to bless a mother of a newborn...
  • Pancake Breakfast - Last week, I visited Dawn and delivered a batch of Yogurt Pancakes, some homemade syrup (just sugar, water & Mapleline), and a box of pre-cooked bacon. The pancakes can be frozen and taken out as needed for a quick breakfast. 
  • Granola Breakfast - A few years ago, I made a batch of granola and delivered it with a tub of yogurt to a friend who had just had her first child. She had recently traveled to Germany where she enjoyed granola with yogurt frequently, so I knew that she would like it.
  • Quiche Breakfast - Quiche is an easy dish to make ahead. Broccoli Quiche is one of my favorite dishes to make these days - it's inexpensive AND yummy. If you make it ahead, it just needs to be reheated in the oven at 325 for about 15 minutes, and it is ready to serve.
Do you have any easy-to-deliver breakfast ideas? Post them in the comments.

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